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I can guarantee that had my dealer not felt the same way as some of you I would not have needed to replace the impeller at 10 hours. The best is how stupid they thought I was that it would do any damage after a few seconds. It had been in the water the day before. I only felt that way because my buddy did the same thing to me back in the 90's when I had my first DD boat (at the young age of 20) and he knew everything so he pre fired it at the staging area for a few seconds. Guess what? This is the day a learned two things: don't ever dry fire it and keep a spare impeller in the boat.
I yelled at my buddy who always did it in his Nautique, just a couple seconds, after four years(new impellers each year) it finally got him, he bought a fake a lake and no longer dry fires it.
Now going to the ramp with a dead battery is just dumb. In fact it was early in the season when the dealer effed me so I was tied up at the dock changing the impeller, I was shocked that almost half the boats showed up with a dead battery. I'm lucky these days to have an on board charger. But for years my cheapie sears charger worked just fine, plug it in the night before you go out. I've seen boat specific battery analyzers for around $20, or you can get a digital multimeter from harbor freight for $5 ( it goes on sale for $2, seen a coupon for Free once) and check your battery that way. Or turn your key and look at the volt gauge. A quick fire only depletes you battery since you don't give the alternator any time to recharge the battery. And I do stupid stuff like teak drag, so I'm not passing judgment nor do I expect anyone to change!

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