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Originally Posted by jschildm View Post
It definately doesn't take long to ruin an impeller if dry, but with that said, I have bumped the engine to make sure its OK as well.

As for a jumper pack, I am lucky I pull the boat with a diesel because I have had to pull one of the two batteries to use in the boat on more than one occasion
I replace my impeller every spring whether it's bad or not and I keep a few old ones in my tool box for backup. I also "bump" my starter for a second before I take it down the ramp to make sure the battery is OK. I don't "start" the engine eventhough I know there is still water left in the impeller housing from the previous weekend. I'm not going to be "that guy" who blocks the ramp trying to figure out why his starter won't crank.

My jumper pack stays in my truck and gets transferred to the boat on the weekends. I haven't used it yet....unless you count helping out one of those darn ol' fishermen.
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