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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
+ 1 on not running engine with no water... if you want to spin the engine to check it.. make sure the impeller is lubricated. I run in a muddy river that has it's share of duck weed and other flora that can get sucked my MCOCD kicks in and I check my impeller a few outings and back flush the tranny cooler....usually get some grass out during the back flush.

I always check start in the drive way...lanyard off just to make sure all is good...yeah I know...the start in the drive good always be the last for a starter....
Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
Don't buy an X2 then or you'd have to tear half the boat apart and stand on your head to check the impeller!
For us v-drive folks, a sea strainer is a really nice item to have.
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