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Originally Posted by mybobtail View Post
... because the first time I put my x14 in the water the battery was flat. ...

2013 197 right? Don't you have dual batteries? With a battery switch? and an isolator?

The above is the setup on my 2010, stock/standard. Plus I installed an automatic battery charger/tender. I turn the switch only to on to check; never start. For me I don't think it is worth the chance of dry starting, no matter how short. Chances of both batteries going south between an outing should be slim under those circumstances.

I agree with Eastie. Turn on, run the blower, turn off.

This reminds me that I'm overdue to check the general health of my batteries: Check fluid level. Check each cell. Perform a load test. I generally do a voltage test and also a hydrometer test.
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