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Starting boat out of the water

I put my 3 hours old 197 into the water today drove it the length of lake about Halve a mile
then drove back with a skier got to end started to turn then the temp light came on I noticed high temp switched off motor straight away .i ph dealer and it's going in first thing Monday.
what I want to know is does anyone start there boat before they put in water. I don't run the motor I just turn key soon as it turns over I switch it off.only because the first time I put my x14 in the water the battery was flat. after that I did it every time with the 14 had no probs.
the dealer said I might of burnt out one of the pick up blades. and I not suppose to do it.
but I did it with jet ski and the X14. the guy that runs the lakes said last year it happen to a brand new Malibu so he said it not uncommon
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