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Texas Ski ranch has been recommended a bunch.. Hopefully I will not be in need of a dealer anytime soon.

What kind of storage rates are you getting for indoor? I don't want to do valet if possible I just want a place to store. I would really like to keep at house during the summer when using all of the time. I could also look for just a cheap covered storage in the summer too near the house.

Kinda want to just throw it in there for the next few months after I get it there for now.

Got new tires on it about 20 miles ago, and bearing baths are the metal and look good so should be fine on trailer.. Need to make/buy/find a tow chain and probably rear straps though. We only ever used the wench since it's SOOOOO damn hard to get that huge boat off the trailer and I never tow far...different this time going to be 2600 miles... I am going a few miles out of my way to go down I-5 down to Bakersfield then over to I-10 so I can avoid going though the rockies in the winter. Will be a LOT less scenic but quicker and safer..
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