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Originally Posted by FourFourty View Post
This is all I know-
When I visited the factory last year, they had an assemply line for trailers. When I visited this year, they were building the hydrosports boats in that area. (Instead of assembling them next to the MCs) At the time, I was told by the tour guide, that they were having boatmate build them for a year or two, while they built the new facility.

If you look at a late 2012 or a 2013 MC trailer, they are identical to a boatmate, except for the decals...... Lighting, steps, fenders, wheel choices, treadplating, prop gaurd rollers, bunk brackets etc. All of those things were different on a 2011.
Oh, I can clearly see they are different for 2013, there is no doubt about that. Just pointing out the fact of what the rep in the video says.

(that they are different them the MC trailers of late)

I like the cutout Mastercraft lighting on the sides.

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