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Take care of those knees and joints! I'm 55, an ICU RN for 23 years so pounded that concrete for that time. I just had a total knee replacement on the right on 9/12 and am getting the left one done next Wednesday. I've skied since I was 7, don't over do it. I am overweight admittedly and have a family history of osteoarthritis. Skiing is my one absolute love, we have the MC just for me (and grandkids when they come to the cottage). I'm probably an average skiier and this summer it hurt just to hit the wake. So I pulled the plug this fall. Injections of steroids and the gel stuff didn't work any more. By the time I went in with pain almost 4 years ago I was bow-legged already and the only option was TKA bilateral, no one ever offered anything else but "you will need total knees". I guts it till now. Through many discussions and whining to my OrthoMD he finally said the other day, "OK, maybe on glass", those were his words so he is listening to me Otherwise he didn't want me skiing AT ALL! If you're having pain, no matter what GET IN! And baby those knees. I tell people I skied pretty good on crappy knees for the last few years, I should do pretty good on my shiny new ones JK
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