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Be careful coming back to fast.... The graft whether an allograft or autograft (cadaver acl graft or pulled from your own body) is basically dead tissue and a bridge for new tissue to grow onto. The graft is at its weakest point at 6 months give or take. While you might feel hundred percent you are at your weakest and could re-rupture your acl and revisions are not optimal with an acl. I won’t get into the details but they have to change angles which are not optimum bio mechanically or they have to insert a bone plug wait several months for healing and then go back in. Find a sports medicine focused doctor and not a general orthopod.
Don’t mistake me for a Clinician- I am a sales manager for a company that sells the instruments/screws for these procedures and I am in them daily. If you PM your location I can find the doc in your area that you might want to look to. As with anything there are good ones and bad ones and the people that know are the Ortho coordinators, surgical techs and us knuckle head sales reps. ACL is a complicated procedure to do well and give the patient full functionality and stability.

Originally Posted by jschildm View Post
Well, as if putting the boat up for the year isn't depressing enough, I tore my ACL on Thursday playing basketball (the only thing enjoy as much skiing). I fear that this will make my summer next year very short, in the way of watersports.

I was just curious if anyone has had experiences coming back from this type of injury? How long it took to get back on the water casually, and how much of a set-back was it?

I know the worst thing I could do is come back to early, and I also know everyone heals differently, but I was just looking for other's experiences.

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