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Sorry to hear about your knee issues... PT before and after surgery will help with the recovery process. Take it easy but push yourself during PT; listen to the doctors & therapist. It's amazing how fast you will be able to put weight on your leg and start walking (using crutches).

I have had a total of 6 knee surgeries to include 3 acl reconstructions (none of these are related to watersports). I have the ACL recons using the patella graft (rt knee 1988), hamstring graft (rt knee 1992) & a cadaver graft (Left knee 2005).

By far the easiest for recovery was the cadaver graft since I only had to focus on the ACL repair and not the graft site. All I can say is the patella graft site hurt.. bad! My doctor says this hamstring graft is now shot but he says that any further repairs would only aggravate the arthritis in the knee and cause more harm than good. I have conditioned the muscles to help keep the knee stable.. I still ski, wake-board and run 3-4 times a week (well what I call running). It's an ongoing battle to keep my knees healthy, I take a lot of Advil to help with inflammation. This afternoon I'm headed to the Othro for the last of a series of 3 shots to help lubricate the knees.. We'll see how well this works out.

Good Luck!
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