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Thanks for the input guys. Mine is a complete ACL tear, and a tear in the meniscus. Not worried about the meniscus, I have already had this knee scoped once, so I know what that's like. My Dr. recommended the Hamstring for the graft, so that is likely my plan. The other option I would consider is the Patella tendon which might be a little stronger and overall faster recovery time. Sounds like either one should be a good long-term solution.

Apparently recent studies have shown that strengthening the quad/hamstring and getting full movement in the knee (walking normally) prior to surgery has been shown to make for faster recovery post surgery, so thats the reason for this. I plan on giving PT my all because aside from my wife, my life revolves around basketball and watersports, and know that PT is going to be the quickest and strongest way back.

I am in good shape now and until 4 days ago, played basketball 5 times a week and usually ran on the weekends. I am hoping this will help me in my recovery. If nothing else, without being able to do the stuff I normally enjoy, I will have nothing to do but physical therapy, haha.

I prefer slalom skiing, am getting better at wakeboarding (attempting wake-to-wake 180s as about my only trick), and I am not sure what a surf wake will take behind my 98 205. I have done it once behind a friends Mojo and liked it, so I might just have to invest in some ballast and a surf board this winter/spring and see what I can do. I would probably drink to much on the water if I don't have watersports to do, haha.

Thanks again for everyone's comments.
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