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I would have to agree with everything willyt said. I tore my ACL playing basketball as well in 2008. If you get the surgery done as soon as possible and then start physical therapy right away, you can certainly wake surf by the beginning of the season. The biggest thing I have learned in my three knee surgeries is that it is best to start physical therapy as soon as they will let you. I think my doctor made me wait about 5 days after my ACL surgery. you need to also consider what to do as far as a graft or a cadaver. I believe (and could be wrong) i saw a study about a year ago showing that men under the age of 28 benefited more and recovered quicker from using a graft of their hamstring. Men over 28 recovered quicker and faster using a cadaver. I went the cadaver route and am still very happy with my decision and i was 23 at the time. My knee is as strong as ever.

My last recommendation, is look into acupuncture. I know most people including myself were very skeptical at first. However, after my first two surgeries I did nothing but rehab. On my third which was just a knee scope to remove a piece of cartilage, i did my normal rehab and also had acupuncture 3 times over a month and a half. I saw significantly reduced time to fully reduce the swelling especially in the incision areas where you can have nodules for 6 to 8 months. This was huge and allowed me to recover from March Surgery and wakeboard at the beginning of the season (but it is obviously a different less invasive surgery than a full ACL reconstruction).
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