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Originally Posted by cincyskier View Post
Sully can comment on the 2013s, as I have yet to order mine (although I am pretty sure things are the same outside of colors), but the WTT "package" includes the WTT throttle nameplate, WTT Badging on exterior, 5.7L Ilmor, Powerslot Tranny, SST rubrails, Teak Platform, 3-Event Zero off, and in all years prior to 2013, a custom gelcoat and interior color scheme that only can be had on WTTs.

As Sully mentioned, 2013 is the first year that WTT Team members get to pick our own colors.
That was my point. I can order everything that the WTT has on any 197 except for the nameplate and exterior badging.

While we are at it, anyone know why there is no 45th anniversary?
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