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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
+1 for tapatalk. for radar to see if I can ski or not...
Browser and which now has a mobile site; Temperature and wind graph by hour. Another URL bookmarked such that I can check the tides for the Delta. I go out of a place which at low tide I can turn left, go under a bridge without dropping the tower and be boarding in a couple of minutes. If I have to turn right it is ok but I have a little longer ride to get to the area I can start boarding.

Play Music because I'm starting to get anti Apple. I love my Droid phone because I'm close to "one device" in my pocket.

Gas Buddy - find the cheapest gas station. At 4.00+ per gallon...

Starbucks - I got rid of the card in my wallet.

Angry Birds, Sudoko, chess for those long business trip airplane rides and I forgot to get a book.

Amazon, Ebay, WellsFargo (online banking, don't have to visit a bank for the most part), YouTube and Vimeo for watching wakeboarding videos while I'm going through withdraw, Airline apps (online checkin) Fandango, Redbox.

And Tapatalk (Convo).
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