Thread: 2013 X25 vs X30
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Wow? Not sure how I got Matt so angry. Don't know what it means to be registered user but I've been a member for over a year. My neighbor and good friend owns a MC, I ride on and with other guys who own MC. I often stop in to my local MC dealer and check out the new boats and chat with the staff whom I like very much! They are a great dealer and I would love to own a MC for the simple fact of having them as a dealer. I love wake boats and board sports. Was prob out on the water over 300hrs this year alone. Are those reasons enough for me to be on this forum, in this tread? If I did buy a MC it likely would be a pre 2013 star or x-25 but right now this model yr I just don't think so for the reasons I stated already.
Last reason is because it's just so easy to be on this forum and comment with Tapatalk!
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