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Originally Posted by Nordicron View Post
Well Matt either my dealer is wrong or your wrong...
I specifically asked about fins and he said 'no not standard, they are still part of option package'. Not sure what packages but it sounds like available with more than just the 6.2 though. If I was more interested in the boat I would have sat down with him and got into the numbers but until MC gets smart and puts the rear facing seats in it I'm not interested at all.
Good question, I was told they are now standard, however I am getting the Pro Package, IMO, the only way to go and a 6.2.

As far as Rear Facing Flip "go, go, gadget" Seats, again to each their own, I think they are ridiculous. But again, I like the X25 Flip chill seats, I like Pickle Forks, it's my money and I will buy what "I" like and really don't give a crap about all the other opinions because they are just that opinions! Please don't drag this forum into a WW discussion. Jeez.
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