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The impeller that's in there is still good (I think the previous owner said he recently replaced it). I was just going to pull it for the winter to keep it from cracking in the cold.

Sounds like the gel-coat isn't too difficult, so we'll probably do that next spring/summer when the boat isn't in use.

We want to re-upholster most of the interior by ourselves to keep it cheap. I think we'll be doing pretty much everything except the engine cover. Has anyone on here done everything at home? We're looking to get just a cheap industrial sewing machine, then get some material that's a close match to stock and copy the pattern. Also, has anyone here added the "Mastercraft" to the upholstery? That would make it look like new, so I was just wondering how difficult it would be, or if someone does it cheap...

I think the interior is the main thing that we'll be doing over the winter. I'd like to get another prop since the stock one is pretty dinged up. What's a good price to pay for one?
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