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Originally Posted by Lennyp04 View Post
I honestly don't want to spend more than $100 since we don't trailer. Like I said this is the first time the boat will be on the trailer behind the truck for more than 5 minutes. It is more of a safety precaution then a necessity.

Then do what I posted. By a new painted steel wheel, 15" x 6" or 15" x 7", 6-5.5 bolt pattern, for $40-$60 and put a used tire on it. I spent a total of $60 and that was with a spare tire cover and mounted to the trailer. If it is just for a spare, the wheel width doesn't matter as long as it's close. I did test fit the new wheel to make sure it fit over the hub, before I had the tire mounted, but it fit fine, and with plenty of clearence.
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