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Originally Posted by Surfer View Post

my barefooting driving is rarely 38 mph (US nautical miles), more likely in 35 -36 mph range at the highest.
By the way the old engine (ca. 2100 h) still this summer took close to 38 mph, before it broke down.

Cooler air is more packed, i.e. more oxygen in smaller space, you get more power then actually?

Maybe with TBI, high revs and constant resistance for the engine with previously described barefooter causes something? Though I understand no major problems.

My altitude where I normally ski would be ca. 102 feet above sea level. Occasionally at around 246 feet.


It's less a matter of more power and more about whether the air/fuel ratio is correct and while using an intake air temperature is more accurate, these run just fine in cooler weather. The first thing that happens when the key is turned on is the ECM uses the MAP sensor to check the barometric pressure. You should be fine.
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