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Originally Posted by Surfer View Post

thanks for the answers!

Rossterman, you meant in comparison to vortech car engine cam is different in marine engine?
JimN, yes I just need basic replacement, no customization.

If so, the GM base marine engine will do ok? Even the replacement has got a roller cam,
as the original engine has got flat tappet cam.
Ok, flat tappet cam is maybe an option, but roller cam would be better I understand; E.g. a bit more power.

The valve timings seem to be different with different cams, that is why I am wondering if the original EFI computer would do ok with roller cam?

I do not know EFI working principles yet so closely, and I am not able to tune EFI computer, and don't want to buy a new one.


Roller cam in the vortech truck could be the same as marine as i have never seen anyone publish the lift and duration numbers of either. I suspect they are identical but cant prove. You will get more power using the roller cam vortech motor as much superior cylinder heads to non vortech motors and the roller cam has better performance with quicker opening/closing ramps
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