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1. I might be the one you saw that re-painted the windshield. That being said, we used plain old semi-gloss Rustoleum. We did not remove the windshield, although the thought had crossed my mind. After Kyle told me that the glass is irreplaceable (and would basically total the boat), I agreed that painting it while it stays on the boat was the safest option. So, get some painters take or masking tape and some newspaper and spray it with the windshield intact. Remove the overspray with acetone. (We also removed and sprayed all 4 vents on my PS205 and they look awesome).

2. Impeller: Remove and inspect the existing one, and keep a spare + few tools onboard. You can change this in 10 minutes right on the water. Use soapy water in the install / removal if needed.

3. Gelcoat repair: There are kits that come pre-mixed that should match the glacier white, but you might need more than the small kit I am about to order.

3. To remove discoloration, we kaboomed my boat back to white, then polished it with paste wax. To remove surface scratches, I have used 3M rubbing compound.

4. If you want to order new nonskid for the trailer, I highly recommend you give Shane @ Phone(724)256-8359 Email- [email protected]. It was affordable, and he was able to help me select a new nonskid surface. Plus, the added bonus was he cut it to my size specs so I would not have to.

5. My teak looked like yours at one time – crack and all. I took 3-4 self tapping wood screws and drilled them into the end of the teak to fuse it all back together. I couter sank them and covered them up with wood filler.

Hope some of this helps.
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