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thanks for the answers!

So my original engine has got a cam, which is stardard in GM marine engine?
-> Indmar EFI computer is programmed for this.

Rossterman, you meant in comparison to vortech car engine cam is different in marine engine?
JimN, yes I just need basic replacement, no customization.

If so, the GM base marine engine will do ok? Even the replacement has got a roller cam,
as the original engine has got flat tappet cam.
Ok, flat tappet cam is maybe an option, but roller cam would be better I understand; E.g. a bit more power.

The valve timings seem to be different with different cams, that is why I am wondering if the original EFI computer would do ok with roller cam?

I do not know EFI working principles yet so closely, and I am not able to tune EFI computer, and don't want to buy a new one.


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