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Originally Posted by mxhideout View Post
Well the shaft appears to be straight, but the strut is more than likely bent. After pulling the shaft off, we saw that a section of the thread has a 'stretched' look to it. Not sure if that's suppose to be there or not. If it's stretched, we'd definitely want to replace it. Also, we tried pulling out the water pump impeller when winterizing the boat, and it's stuck in there pretty good. What do you guys use to pull it out without wrecking the blades?

You can use the paint openers...some people use a good pair of vise-grips. You should pull it and toss it and not worry about this one. Put a light coat of synthetic grease on the impeller-shaft and in the impeller.....comes out easy then using the paint openers.. I boat the remover cuz mine was stuck on and paint openers did not work. Vise-Grips & new impeller cheaper than puller...
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