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Originally Posted by tls View Post
Yep, we are talking about the same lake. I know Calls311 as well. I didn't know he was on this forum. I'd seen him out on the lake from time to time & finally met him this past year - he's a nice guy.

Great info about Berlin lake. I'd definitely like the tour in the spring. I've skied on the southwest part of the lake once with a friend who belongs to a private campground up there with access to a private ramp. Seemed like a nice, relatively protected area with few other boaters. I'm told their is a slalom course somewhere on that part of the lake - not sure if that's true, and whether it is a public or private course.
Private Camp Ground with Ramp. Somebody else I need to befriend!

I have heard there was someone that used to put a course out there a while ago but have not seen one out there for many years. I know Captain Planet picked up one and was trying to get approval to put it up on Berlin. We'll see how he fairs.
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