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Originally Posted by tls View Post
Double D,

We go to West Branch and Salt Fork alot. I've got a friend who has an old sport nautique docked on a private lake off of Middlebranch & 55th. We usually do most of our slalom skiing there. Swibby belongs to the boat club out at Milton. How do you like Berlin? Where do you usually put in at? Main part of lake or southwest end? Aside from this year, how deep is the lake usually? I had always heard it was kind of shallow with some submerged stumps...
TLS, we also go to Salt Fork when the families go or Berlin is too low, which is most of this year. WE have also hooked up with our Buckeye Bash friends from Columbus at Salt Fork.

I'm pretty sure I know the lake your talking about. Calls311 lives on that lake and has a dark blue X1. I need to be better friends with him!

We (my brother and I) like Berlin the best because of the channel, the river part at the Southwest end. Best place to ski when your dealing with public. We used to put in at the dirt ramp at the Southwest end, but its not trailer friendly and as the water drops its harder to get in/out, so we started putting in by the damn (Northeast end) and just drive all the way back over to the channel.

Depending on where you are on Berlin, and the current depth, depends on how safe you are from stumps. When referring to the channel you need to know the lay of the land but its perfect when the water level is at or above 1024 elevation, which can be checked daily at 330.547.5445. Once it gets below that you need to know the area. Below 1019-1020, its time to stay somewhere else unless you can see underwater.

When the water is as low as this year even Westbranch is not safe. I heard about plenty of stump/rock hits there, including Hondaprlud in his SN.

I would be glad to give you the Berlin tour next spring if interested. Just let me know.
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