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I had a Tri-Star 220 that was the same way. Actually broke 2 steering cables in year before I finally fixed the issue. My grease zerk was broken off though. I would start by doing what you did, pump it full of grease, move the steering wheel lock to lock, pump it again. It will be hard to get it to take grease, but it should start coming out the bottom. If that doesn't fix your problem, you could try dropping the rudder, clearing out the old grease, greasing, and reassembling. I actually ended up replacing the rudder and rudder box, as well as putting in a rack and pinion steering system. That thing drove like a dream after that. Judging by what you describe, I would agree that the rudder is your issue. By the way, it was not fun at all standing on my head to get to the rudder in that boat, good thing I have long arms, so I feel your pain there.
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