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Originally Posted by Miss Rita View Post
When I'm driving my '89 at idle speeds the steering wheel turns very easily, I can spin it lock-to-lock with one finger, there's no perceptible drag, no obvious problems. However, once on plane, turning the boat becomes a chore. Anything more than just a slight correction is definitely a two-hand job, it takes a fair amount of strength and concentration to do it. This makes me think the rudder is binding when under load, and not necessarily a steering cable problem.

Any advice as to how to go about looking into this? Does the rudder have a bearing that needs to be lubed/replaced?
I have 2 grease fittings...wonder if you have 2 as well.... one on the rudder and one where the steering cable meets the control arm - under floor in my 95. Had tight steering and it loosened up when I greased the second grease fitting...wonder if you have that as well.
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