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Originally Posted by Miss Rita View Post
When I'm driving my '89 at idle speeds the steering wheel turns very easily, I can spin it lock-to-lock with one finger, there's no perceptible drag, no obvious problems. However, once on plane, turning the boat becomes a chore. Anything more than just a slight correction is definitely a two-hand job, it takes a fair amount of strength and concentration to do it. This makes me think the rudder is binding when under load, and not necessarily a steering cable problem.

Any advice as to how to go about looking into this? Does the rudder have a bearing that needs to be lubed/replaced?
I have the EXACT same issue with my 95 Maristar 200VRS. I replaced the steering cable, removed the rudder, cleaned out all of the old grease from the box and relubed. All of this only helped the problem slightly. My steering seems to get a lot tighter the further I get away from center and it's hard to return the wheel back to center. I've read where other MC owners had his issue and ended up replacing the rudder/box and it solved the problem due to a bent rudder shaft. When I purchased my 200VRS used, the shaft strut was bent so I'm guessing the PO hit something and may have bent the rudder as well. I just put my boat away for the winter so this will be a spring project.
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