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Originally Posted by Miss Rita View Post
Since this isn't an official tournament boat, the rudder isn't tuned, and I don't see any difference turning right or left. I'm wondering if I should use this down time to remove the rudder. If I just lube the zerks, I won't know until next May whether it made a difference or not. The TriStar isn't designed with easy access to the rudder. The whole back of the boat has to be removed: dog house, seats, storage compartments, battery tray, and floor, and I don't want to have to do it twice.

Any advice for someone who has never removed a rudder before?
Sounds like a good idea, I had to remove and clean up properly because of all the stale grease in there. You may have to jack your boat up if your trailer fouls the rudder removal. I made up a new nylon washer for mine between the rudder and the port, I don't know whether this is needed on yours or not, but helps to take out any vertical slop and self lubricating nylon stops them binding. Bear in mind mine is a 2000 with the winged rudder so it has upward force. Have fun.
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