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Originally Posted by Sierra Tango II View Post
Im going to give the dealer the benefit of the doubt, as they have known the boat from day one, and the list of checks that they did were extensive and ranged from the trailer brakes to the energy absorbers holding up the engine cover. I found one of the vanes when I drained the port manifold and there are only two missing. While draining there was some crud that came out, so the other one could possibly be destroyed beyond the point of recognition. The temperature at the gauge never fluctuated, so Im fairly confident that there was no overheating. I am on my way out the door to finish the winterization, and am going to look for the debris you were talking about. Thanks for the pointers. I may be over anlalyzing this whole deal, however I have wanted this boat for over 6 years, and well frankly, its still new to me, i absolutely love it, and I plan on skiing the my a** off with it for years to come.
The problem with thinking that the engine didn't overheat because the temperature didn't spike is that the coolant temperature sensor needs to be immersed in liquid in order to work. If it was at a particular temperature and the liquid goes away, it won't cool down very fast because air doesn't conduct heat very well.
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