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Originally Posted by Sierra Tango II View Post
Ok, so i downloaded my checklist and was going to do everything by the book. I brought my boat to the lake, added stabil, let it come to temp and pushed the throttle down for a few minutes. within a minute or two after doing so the "check engine" light comes on. Gauges were normal, operating temp where it should be. Oil pressure good, voltage good, so I shut it down and started it back up, light goes off, I idle for a minute (heading back towards the dock) and again pushe the throttle down. It does the same thing. By now Im back at the dock so I shut it down, pull it out and drain the block right there at the ramp, like was mentioned earlier in this thread, and when I drained the exhaust manifolds pieces of the impeller came out. I pulled the cover off and three of the rubber fins were missing. I had it kchecked out before I bought it and it checked out fine with the exception of the energy absorbers and the trailer brakes. I put ten hours on it only. My question is, is there any damage that could have happened, and should I worry about the impeller pieces clogging any of the passages? Also, I took off all the hoses and the port drainplug to drain the block, however on the starboard side there was not a plug, but the knock sensor. Am I to assume that the knock sensor is the plug? I looked all around and didnt see a block drain. Any advice would be appreciated.
What do you mean by "I pushed the throttle down"? It was at idle, or WOT? If it's the LT-1, you don't want to idle for a long time.

Yes, look in the thermostat housings and see if you can find pieces of the impeller.

How long have you owned this boat? If it's new to you, buy two impellers WITH THE GASKETS and keep one on-board at all times, as a spare. The knock sensor is the plug for that side and the other has either a petcock, a plug or a T-fitting for a heater. Remove whatever is there and make sure the water rushes out, not at slow dribble. You also need to remove the plugs or disconnect the hoses on the rear of the exhaust manifolds, the oil cooler and at the lowest points of the pumps, then crank it over with the lanyard off.
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