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Another update on this. A while back I contacted Perfect Pass. My issue was that the boat did well holding speed when I would go over rollers, at which time the boat would drop speed drastically and then take quite some time to return to the set speed.

My X-15 has the paddle wheel mounted about mid-section of the boat, just behind the center drain plug. The person at PP said that this is a common issue with some (many) of the MC boats because of where the paddle wheel is mounted (too far forward). Although I seen a 2012 X-12 and the paddle wheel was mounted just in front of the transmission but behind the gas tank - I wonder why mine is not in that same location.

The PP rep said that NN needs to be higher. I mentioned that one of the PP documents said "NN should be set at 50" as a starting setting. He said that no PP document ever said that. Funny, I got that document off the PP web site; moving on... So I ended up testing NN=125 and then NN=145 each getting better. I'm currently at


Engagement still seems to overshoot a couple MPH on start-out and I have to wait a bit for the speed to adjust back down. So I think I need to lower CS a bit. Nice thing was that when we hit rollers this past weekend, the boat maintained speed rock steady at no more that 1/2 MPH variance, mostly just 0.2 mph off.

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