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Originally Posted by jeff shelton View Post
After I asked the question I got online and own the Rock Harbor website it says Blue Moon coming soon. Also noticed that commodore yacht club sells fuel to public. I didn't know that. I have always just gotten fuel from Rock Harbor. I'm glad to here the restaurant will reopen the wife and I had said that we would like to cruise up and eat dinner.
As far as the trip to downtown. I'm at river marker 155, commodore yacht club is at 172, Rock Harbor is at 175 and downtown is at 191. 36 miles one way (I would presume that is nautical miles) which would really mean 41 miles. I would definately stop going and coming and top off the fuel. I had planned to carry 10 gal extra just in case.
If we decide to venture up sometime next summer I will try and get in touch. Maybe we could cruise over to Rock Harbor and have a couple cold ones.
I forgot to mention getting fuel at Commodore. Better service, octane is 93 instead of 87 and ethonal free too.
Do you live on the Cumberland ?
Anytime you want to stop you are welcome.
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