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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
It definitely took me several hours to do everything...and I took my time. I'd say about 4-5 hrs on the boat - (had a volleyball meeting to attend to in the middle of the whole thing!) I used that break to drive the boat around and get all the water sloshed out of the hull. A lot of stop/go and hills.
When I went to training, the instructor, who had previously owned shop, said they used to haul boats out before winterization. They would get to the boat, put the StaBil in the tank, run it over to the launch and pull it out before getting out of the way of other boaters who were removing their boats, where they would remove the hull plug(s), remove the engine plugs and lower end of the hoses, crank it over to clear the water pumps and drive it back to the shop to do the cleaning, corrosion guard, oil changes and anything else on the list. By the time they got back, the engine and hull had drained. No anti-freeze at all. This is a fairly deep lake, so weeds, mud and silt weren't a problem, but they never had a block freeze, either.
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