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(Written while others were responding)

Few options:

1. Replace the entire system with a Murphy.

I called FW Murphy and emailed with them to understand what a migration would look like. The short story is that it is complicated and would require a lot of work. The wiring harness connecting most of the controlled devices would need to be replaced. The gauges and of course the screen would also need to be replaced. After that there are different sensors and buttons ( ones that run down the sides of the 2013 screen) and dash plates. Maybe a computer module and perhaps, Zero-off would be added, I don't know if that's how the 13's are built.

2. Fix the bugs with the software and replace the hardware (sensors) that are creating the problems. I think this is logical, likely and certainly within their capabilities.

What do we need to do?

Be focused, precise and concise. The problems that are solved, make sure we highlight that and avoid dumping them into the bucket.

For bugs outstanding, describe the condition leading up to the failure and what the environmentals are:

- version of firmware
- were you in gear, what rpm,speed (as I understand it, the optimal fill/drain rpm is a minimum of 1500rpms)
- what options are you using with the panel ? Tabs, plate, radio, cruise, ballasts, PnP ballasts ...
- does it happen often, any conditions that it doesn't happen, what changed (if anything)
- what advice did you act on? (Dealer, online forum, own intuition, MC )

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