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Originally Posted by kskonn View Post
They won't switch to the Murphy system in 12's. the Murphy system must have an Econtrols ECM and the Murphy system is designed to work specifically with the 2013 ilmor line up. I sell to Econtrols(they are the electronics manufacturer for FW Murphy) and they told me they won't interchange. It is a closed loop system that is why it works so well.
man well thats not good to hear. I guess im stuck with a peice of sh#t screen that might work or might not. MC really put a bad taste in my mouth. Im not in the position to buy a new boat every year like some(I wish I was though). I would lose alot of money if I tried to sell this boat if it could evem be sold. I was under the impression that MC was the best but I was better off with my 05 malibu that never had one problem in the 8 years that I owned it. I thought that the touch screen would be great to have but now Im wishing that I wouldnt have gotten it.

So what do you do if in two years the screen goes out? I have the extended warrenty but what will that do for me if MC doesnt even use that system any more?
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