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Originally Posted by bjames View Post
Due t the pain in the but having to switch screens constantly to adjust volumn, I decided that i am going to get a Clarion remote added just behind the throttle arm. I was considering mounting it like the 2013, but I really like the cubby hole - great place for my phone and sun glasses

IF MC decided to change out my BIG for a murphy system, then I would say with confidence, that my X25 will be the perfect boat.
I plan on doing the same thing with the remote. Its pretty easy from what I have seen and will help out alot. I wish they would change out the screens. I feel like for the amount of money that everyone in 2012 paid a boat, the screen should be changed automatically and a retro fit kinda like the power tower. This would make MC come out on top because of making things right and not losing business in the future because I have a bad taste in my mouth about the touch screens and purchasing another MC because of the way they have handled this. I wish higher up employees would read these forums to see what the people that buy their product and keep there business going because of how highly MC owners think of there boats and see what they really think about the boats. MC needs to look into this.

Anyone have email addresses for the CEO or president that we can all start emailing or something. I feel like if enough of us start saying things then maybe we can get this fixed.
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