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Originally Posted by mxhideout View Post
Do you know which paste will match the best? Or do I have to contact them?

Yeah, I didn't really want to send it out to get powder-coated. How does that product work that you posted?

Thanks for the links. Ha, yeah I don't need that fancy of cups. It is just a ski boat after all. I saw some SS from Bakes for only $9 that I kinda like. Although, I'm not worrying about that little stuff at the moment. We'll try and get the boat out to the lake next weekend to make sure everything works fine. Then I'll start making it look pretty.
Spectrum can get you gel that will match - however the color may not match due to age...but you can play around with color tints to get very close...

You need to spray it and then bake it. There's a thread here where someone bought a cheap oven..range portion that did not work for a $100 and then spray on the powder coat baked it and it the part looked brand new.

Cick Here

I may add these just for a little dress cups are 17 years old and one chipped up like yours.
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