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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
Try Spectrum Color for Gel Coat repair paste. I've used their products with very good success. It'll be hard to get a good match after all the fading but it should still be close. Powder coating is pretty cheap to do around here and will give you a better finish. You should be able to get the windshield off then take it in the house to prep it for the powder coater.

I had a 76 Sea Ray in similar condition and basically refinished all the parts I could get in the house over the winter then finished the rest of the boat as the weather got better in the spring. You'd be amazed what you can take apart and get in your basement when you really want to work on something.
Do you know which paste will match the best? Or do I have to contact them?

Originally Posted by milkmania View Post
Is this the right one?
How many feet do I need, and where are prices?

Originally Posted by skishack90 View Post
mxhideout: Someone from MN who says y'all...That is awesome!!

Sorry for the distraction
Haha yeah, one of my bros moved down to TN, and his wife is from Florida.

Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Nice project boat...bite your tongue on the long

I would not take out the windshield...just taped off the glass and prep and paint. If you have the time... - really nice powder coat...

The screw channel - here's a link for replacement.

Replacing the foam under the windshield easy to can just loosen the windshield prop up with spacers - unless the foam gasket is gone or leaking I would let it wait..

Decals you can many places - The only thing about decals is the colors you might get. If you want to color match you'll to have them made locally. Color matching is tough.

The cups you can buy anywhere...

these caught my eye... pricey but way cool...
Yeah, I didn't really want to send it out to get powder-coated. How does that product work that you posted?

Thanks for the links. Ha, yeah I don't need that fancy of cups. It is just a ski boat after all. I saw some SS from Bakes for only $9 that I kinda like. Although, I'm not worrying about that little stuff at the moment. We'll try and get the boat out to the lake next weekend to make sure everything works fine. Then I'll start making it look pretty.
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