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Originally Posted by Nick911 View Post
Big part of the reason I'm going to a 2013. No matter how well they try and support the 2012 medallion systems there will be continuous issues. I don't want to, 5 years from now, have a boat known for being from a lemon year.
I went and demo'd a 2013 X25 today..... I spent half the afternoon playing with ballast settings and cruise functions, just trying to get this Murphy system to mess up. Not a single issue presented itself. The user interface is very easy to operate, screen changes are much faster, and not a single glitch.

Even the ballast gauges were reading right, and filling, and emptying perfectly. The gauges would get up to 98% and you would start to hear the overflows. You hit empty, and at about 2-3% you would hear the pumps gargling air. Absolutely flawless. Cruise control was 200% more responsive, and 500% better at holding speed within .5 mph.

I honestly left there wondering how the hell the system could have advanced so much. A 2013 is in my future..... A special thanks to the folks at Castaway marina, for letting me demo that boat for as long as I needed to, to be convinced. WOW!
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