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My ZeroOff is still NOT working at all in RPM Mode. After the first run it only shows "Pull up" and never kicks in again. When disconnecting the GPS Sensor (full power off), fallback to PerfectPass occurs and RPM is working just fine.

When editing profile speeds huge numbers come up (only in metric mode not in english units) See here
Still can't believe nobody else is having this problem, since all canada is metric, because I tried two other 2012 boats and the both had the same problem.

Also what I've heard from a lot of owners is that if the people actually building the boat hear a boat is going to europe or overseas they don't care at all and just throw everything in there. I would bet my a** that my boat has never been.... taadaaa: "lake tested"

Originally Posted by FourFourty View Post
Also, I have had launch control leaving the tabs down, while surfing and wakeboarding, and no ability to pull them up, even with the manual switches. As you all know, this ruins the wake behind the boat.
I've had this happen in the beginning too, turns out the cruise was always thinking we're not going fast enough for surfing with the original surf profile, so it was keeping all tabs down trying to get us up to speed ("on plane"). Actually I recall it putting the tabs down every 20 sec or so.
Solved it with setting up my own surf profiles.

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Due t the pain in the but having to switch screens constantly to adjust volumn, I decided that i am going to get a Clarion remote added just behind the throttle arm. I was considering mounting it like the 2013, but I really like the cubby hole - great place for my phone and sun glasses

IF MC decided to change out my BIG for a murphy system, then I would say with confidence, that my X25 will be the perfect boat.
Who will assure you that the Murphy system is working better, Mastercraft won't, tey'll stick to their legal stuff...
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