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Ballast tank issues - pump won't run and gauge reads zero when the tank was actually about 2/3 full. I assume the ballast caused the wake to be huge - and skiing was not great. While the kids use it for wakeboarding, I wanted a ski boat so the X-14V was the correct compromise, if you trust the marketing literature. I have yet to have a happy tow behind it.

I haven't had other major difficulties - the gauges have all turned off and back on a few times while the boat was running, and the cruise control overshoots the set speed by ~2 mph before slowing back down. Perhaps that is normal for the cruise control?

There was only 10 hours on the boat before I put it into storage, and I'm nervous about the problems I might have next season already. Nervousness is not the feeling I should have when I spent this much on the new ski boat I've always dreamed about
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