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Different model year, but it may help out.

I pulled our 1998 Maristar 200 VRS (think early 2000's x10) with my 1998 4.0L V6 Explorer for a lot of miles, and never had a problem or a concern (except when traveling over 75 mph, when the trailer would oscillate a bit). I had to slow down to 55 mph or so when going up 6% grade on the way to Lake Powell, but never had a concern when braking.

There are some on this board who advocate the "I have a truck that's so big I can't even tell when 5000 pounds of boat are hooked up to the back", but my personal opinion is that they're a bit over the top. I could tell when the 4000 pounds of boat+trailer were hooked up to my Explorer, but I never felt that my family was in greater danger as a result.

1998 Maristar 200VRS
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