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Originally Posted by DeeeJay02 View Post
Lets Hear Your Problems, Concerns and what we expect Mastercraft to do to make US the Consumer Happy with our Boats.....
I have a 2012 X45 with the BIG touch screen along with the plug and play ballast. The touchscreen has been acting up lately, as in it will not allow me to control the radio at times and wont show some of the different screens. The plug and play ballast hasnt worked since day one. Something is always wrong with it. The actuator that switch the valve on the pumps from tank --> bag get stuck and we have already replaced the front and rear actuator. Now inorder to get the rear bags from bag --> tank you must push the actuator value an extra 1/4 inch to get it to set on the screen. Along with this the bags while emptying, will switch from 100% --> 0% instantly and the pumps shut off and wont allow me to drain the bags. It doesnt happen eveytime but just about every other time for some reason. If it does happen you have to flip the switch back and forth to drain the bag. Another problem that I have been having is that I can not run all three ballast pumps at the same time when in idle or else one with say N/C. However if I rev the engine some it will work just fine and pump all three a the same time.

Other than that, the boat is awesome and love it I just want a fix to this. We paid alot for this boat so I think MC should make it right by updating the screen or something. I will say I have the power tower and it has been great. I know people have been having problems with that but mine works great however I will be getting the upgrade this winter.
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