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Originally Posted by shepherd View Post
Got the Green Egg lump, which generally seems to be the best.
I use the Green Egg firestarters to get it going.
After the lump gets burning, I close the lid, open the bottom vent all the way, and open the cast iron vent on top all the way.
And let it burn.

A few times, I've had the temp in the 800 range, and even pegged. But when I actually try to get a high temp like that it seems I can't. I could only get it up to 500 when I made a pizza a few days ago. 500 is adequate, but I was hoping to get up to the 600-700 range.
I'm thinking the only variable is lump quality. I put on a new Rutland gasket a few months ago and it's still good.

Any tips? I think I remember somebody mentioning a fan blower attachment thing that blows on the coals to increase heat...
As far as what lump to use i would recommend checking out this site.

I use the Publix Brand Greenwise because it is rated high, inexpensive and much more accessible for me.

As far as getting high temperatures I find it’s more important to build the lump in a bit of an OCD manner. I can get 800 any time i want it. I start with a clean fire box and start with the Large lumps on the bottom, then fill in the holes with medium followed by small. (I separate out each bag i buy into large, medium and small 5 gallon buckets so it’s easy to do the above.) The large followed by the medium keep the ash from clogging the holes and reducing air flow. Also for Pizza's i personally like 450- any hotter on mine burns the bottom and the top is not quite done.

I really like the way they do the steak under the recipe section of the above site. Never disappoints.

As for the fan i have never used for high temp cooks- more for slow and low applications. I bought the Auber Instruments fan after reading a good review and its much lower price and have been happy with it.
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