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Anyone with an 87 or 88 Prostar knows that the dash area makes it nearly impossible to fit a replacement DIN stereo in place with any kind of waterproof cover. The area is just too thin to fit a normal waterproof cover. I tried cobbling together a new cover but it was hard to get it to stay in place and to keep the water out, plus it just looked dated and was cheaply constructed.

I got caught in a storm once early in the summer, and the stereo died. After a summer without any tunes, I was fed up. One problem is that the dash area is VERY limited on this boat.

Wanting to avoid anything with a place for water to enter (an external aux port or CD slot for instance), I decided to give the new Jensen MS30 a shot. It only takes up 3inches of space, and is completely waterproof.

I bought it from Katerno for under $100 shipped:

This unit was just released recently so there are zero reviews of it online. I must be one of the first.

Besides being tiny and waterproof, it is actually a pretty robust little unit for it's size. On the back there are inputs for RCA AUX, as well as a USB input for an MP3 device. Cool!
  • 160 watts (40w x4)
  • IPX6 waterproof design
  • AM/FM
  • Full four channel output
  • USB input for MP3 enable devices
  • Auxiliary input (RCA)
  • Line out audio (RCA)
  • Large, daylight readable LCD display
  • Audio tone, balance and fader controls
  • Zero current memory draw
  • Conformal-coated circuit boards
  • Blue backlit controls (LED illumination)
  • UV-resistant finishes/materials (meets ASTMD4329)
  • Corrosion-resistant materials (meets ASTMB117)
  • FCC/CE certified

There are line outs for your amp, but unfortunately no "remote" line to turn on the amp. To solve that problem, I bought a $12 unit from PAC that will accomplish the task of turning the AMP off when the stereo is no longer in use: PAC TR-4 Car Audio Remote Wire Turn On Wire 2 Second Delay Module

The first thing to do was to sketch out where it would go:

A multipurpose cutting bit on a Dremel made short work of the cut out.

It looks good in it's new home. I should've taken a picture with the unit on, but it skipped my mind. It has a cool blue back light.

Best of all, I can leave this thing outside in the elements without a cover and know it'll work the next day.

The next thing to do is fab up a cover plate for that unsightly hole where my old stereo used to live. I am thinking that I'll powder coat a thin piece of stainless and then have someone etch the Mastercraft logo into it.
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