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Originally Posted by ddummitt View Post
Sorry its been a while since I was here.

I ordered 6 Polk 651 coaxials to replace my existing speakers (4 cabin and 2 tower).
I have the existing amp (Calrion APX480M) which powers all six speakers and the original sub.
As previously mentioned, I have an XN3410 and an XN3210.

So, should I go with the XN3410 for the cabin and tower (as MLA mentioned) and the xn 3210 for the sub? Does this configuration provide proper balance?

We do not like the volume in the Cabin real loud but it would be nice to hear the stereo at the end of the rope. Is there a way to achieve this mix?... and of course without sinking a lot of money.
I would use the Xn3210 for the single pair of Polks on the tower. 90W rms to each at 4 ohm with room to add a 2nd pair later if you wanted.

For the 4 in-boat, the XN3410 would allow you to run the port bow and main-cabin wired in parallel on chnl 1 and the stbd bow and main-cabin wired in parallel on chnl 2 for 82W rms to each speaker and they would still be playing stereo. This would leave chnls 3/4 to deliver 330 w rms to a moderate 10" or 12" 4 ohm sub.
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