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Pulled this from the web sight:

Need more than one reason to know who the leader is? We have FIVE reasons OJ continues to lead the pack in inboard propeller development, introducing OJ’s latest innovation, TZ X-5, the first wake boat specific 5-Blade inboard propeller.
Building on the success of the large diameter XMP EDGE propellers, we teamed up with Travis Moye and Zane Schwenk to develop this revolutionary 5-Blade propeller. Travis, a world class driver and boarding instructor, and Zane, one of the best all around skiers and boarders in the world, provided crucial insight and expertise in the development of the new 5-Blade, hence the aptly named TZ X-5 was born.
The TZ X-5 provides unrivalled low end power and consistent RPM under the most extreme loads. Want to sack out the boat? Not a problem with the TZ X-5. Strong on power and more efficient under load than any other prop out there."

I think this would target a huge market of wake borders and surfers. "Efficiency under loads" should be what any avid boarder would want. However, it sure would be nice to have more data points to work with.
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