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Originally Posted by EarmarkMarine View Post
I like both the JL Audio and Wetsounds coaxials. Both have the best midbass by far.
The JL Audio has a coated silk soft dome tweeter that is very detailed while very smooth. And, a linear response is essential for a good image. Personally, I am a fan of the Euro style tweeters from Vifa, Seas, Audax, etc. and JL Audio absolutely subscribes to this sound. Many like the Wetsounds titanium hard dome tweeter because it is a bit more aggressive and that little extra emphasis makes everything sound a little more distinctive. And, I like the Wetsounds XS-650 too because it is not over-bearing in this respect. But, there are many others coaxials that are soooo bright that they ruin the musical balance and make vocals strident. In fact, I have to wonder if the designers of many coaxials have suffered severe hearing damage because they make their speakers so bright. Or, maybe they just want to stand out as the brightest speakers in the soundboard. While it may get your attention out of gate this type of speaker quickly fatiques me.
That is what I hear. I listen with a more analytical ear than most. Sound is subjective according to the health of your hearing, what you are accustom to and your past influences. Not everyone is going to agree with what sounds best.

Earmark Marine
Have to agree. I have the JL m class 7.7 coax in front and component in the rear. The pop is amazing. They look like mini 8" sub woofers. Best part is your voice carries through and people can hear you even at loud volumes. But these are comparing $450/pair speakers to $100/pair speakers with those polks everyone is talking about.
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