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He does talk about top speed. It's in his post. I'm also very familiar with the X45. I have one sitting next to my X25. The HA prop doesn't make that much difference over the normal stock props. I've had both along with the 5 blade. I have lots and lots of hours in X-Stars, X25's, X45's and now I'm logging hours in a new X30. But hey everyone can have their own opinions and their own real world experiences right. Shawn tested three or four props and I don't think there was a drastic difference in top speed between any of them. I know that 95% of people buying a MC are either surfing or wake boarding and not too many redline their boats just to cruise at 40+ mph for any long periods of time. I would venture to say most people in MC spend time going 24mph and slower. I know that even when we are cruising longer distances we still never go more than low 30's. Why burn the fuel. I've only checked the top speed less than a handful of times just to see what each prop would do.
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